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Active White Carbon

1. Specification: Coincide with standard Q/(HG) RM15-2000

Items Index
Moisture % 4.0 -8.0
Silicon dioxide(SiO2 ) % ≥ 90
Loss on ignition(1000 ℃ ) % ≤ 7.0
PH(10 % slurry in water) 5.0 -8.0
Fineness (325 meshes sieve residue) % ≤ 0.5
Apparent specific gravity (1000 rpm, 20mins) (g/ml) ≤ 0.240
Oil absorption (cm3 /g) 2.00 -3.50

2. Usage
Active white carbon has very high surface activity. It is also transparency or semi-transparency in some rubber products. So it is very suitable for making light, colorful, transparency and semi-transparency rubber products. In addition, it can be used as separator of latex; anti-precipitating, thickening and thixotropic agent of paint and printing ink; open agent for all kind of plastic film; granulated fertilizer and dispersing agent; carrier of dynamite; adhesive and grinding agent of tooth paste. Also can be used in middle and high-grade puffy.

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