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Precipitated Silicon Dioxide

1. Specification: Coincide with standard Q/(HG) RM 04-2000

Items Index
Silicon dioxide (SiO2 ) % ≥ 95.0
Moisture % ≤ 8.0
R2O3 (R = Al, Fe, etc.) % ≤ 2.0
Loss on ignition % ≤ 6.5
pH (10 % slurry in water) 8.0 -11.0
Fineness (325 meshes sieve residue) % ≤ 1.8
Apparent specific gravity (mg/ml) ≤ 450 -520

2. Usage
Precipitated Silicon Dioxide is porous amorphous silicon dioxide. It is a white powder, the particle size of primary nucleus is 2-5 μm. After mixing with rubber, plastic and coating, it gives the final products many good physical characteristics. Used as a good filler of the light products of nature and artificial rubber, it not only can reduces the cost by decreasing the amount of the usage of rubber, but also can increase the hardness, abrasion resistance and oil resistance. Used inside leather of latex plastic and light material, it makes the products lighter and easy to be moulding and mold releasing. Used in electric wire and cable, it can increase insulating property. Used in paint and printing ink, it is a good thickening agent. Used in coating it can have excellent high temperature resistance. All these make precipitated silicon dioxide has wildly usage in many areas like rubber, plastic, leather, paint, sports and culture materials.

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